Welcome  to our gorgeous Huacaya Alpaca Herd, here in the Parc Naturel de Perigord et Limousin.

Huacaya Alpaca
Loving the summer sun in 2019

We have our herd of five boys, and they will enjoy the rest of their lives with us, on our little mountainside patch overlooking the valleys below, whilst we enjoy their company and utilise their annual fleece shearing to produce gorgeous products for you to enjoy.

Our boys are willing to be taken out for a walk or to pose with you for photographs. We will shortly open the diary for bookings.

Wait ..! Are you interested in a few Alpaca FAQS?

  • There are two species of Alpaca: Huacaya & Suri and each have a very different type of fleece
  • Huacaya are the ones which most people think of, when they hear the word Alpaca.  They are considered the most ‘cute’ due to their fleece forming in short hairs which make them look like teddy bears.
  • Suri have a much longer hair, which crimps beautifully.  The fleece from Suri is much more expensive, and has a higher lustre.
  • Alpaca are a small species of camelid.  Thats right, they are small camels.
  • They can live for over 20 years in good care.
  • They can be trained to lead with a halter, and enjoy going for a lovely stroll.
  • If they catch a glimpse of themselves in a mirror, they are totally bedazzled by their own reflection.
  • Alpaca fibre is naturally thermal yet lightweight, making it perfect for wearing in colder seasons or climates.
  • Alpaca have hair rather than wool.  Therefore they have no greasy lanolin content, making product naturally hypoallergenic.

So, lets see who is in the field …….

Godswell David – the smallest of the crowd, though only by a couple of inches, he is a charming chappie

Godswell d’Artagnan – a fine looking boy, standing taller than the others, and with a stunning physique.

Godswell Hancock aka Tony – is the only non-white alpaca in the field. When he’s taking a leisurely stroll, he can easily be mistaken for a deer passing through, with his stunning chocolate fleece.

Godswell Manolo – who tends to be a little reserved about new people and hangs back to see how everyone else is dealing with it first.

Godswell Manrique – is brother to Manolo, and the pair are inseparable, although different in character. He can be rather more forward and pushy when he chooses.

Alpaca Walking Experience

We have a special page for the options available which will be bookable for dates from May 2020 onwards.

Alpaca Wedding & Special Occasion Packages

Shortly we will present, to you, various options of how you can have the excitement and handling experience of Alpaca at your wedding or special occasion. Your guests will be delighted and fascinated. Photography opportunity will be catered for to guarantee everyone talking about it for years to come. Please use the contact form if you require a quotation or details sooner.