Angora Goats
Angora Goats

 Angora Goats are another source of natural fibre from fleece, here at Berry Emporium

They are quite passive when handled well.  Even a Buck will stand calmly for hugs and affection.

We are creating our own herd of Angora, partly as a protected species.  They require shearing twice per year, and their fleeces will be spun to create mohair yarn.  Spinning by the fireside in the dark winter evenings can be so very satisfying and fulfilling.

Yarn will then be either kept natural or dyed with vegetable dyes from our potager (vegetable plot in the UK).  Some yarn will be kept for our own use, to make finished goods.  There will also be opportunity for other textile enthusiasts to purchase yarn for their own creations, whilst also having the satisfaction of knowing which goat their yarn actually came from.

As our herd grows, we will keep you up to date with fascinating tales of their activities and personalities, introducing you to each character as they arrive in the field.

Raising our own livestock for fleece is a speciality.  You may also be interested to take a look at our Alpaca Herd and the activities based around them