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I’m really not keeping up with this blogging idea so far, am I! Its been a busy time with kidding season, lots of renovation work for the home, and of course – Corona Virus putting the world into self isolation. Its been scary to live through an actual pandemic, yet being on our little farm has meant that we could carry on with lots of works with materials that we have already on hand.

We have reached April, and on 18 April, we marked our first year anniversary of rolling onto the ferry with our trailer full of the essentials we knew that we would need to have with us until we found our permanent home in France. Mid April is when the hot weather is coming in strong, yet peppered with heavy thunderstorms and lightening. It is quite fantastic, lighting up the skies with enthusiasm and the thunder so strong that it shakes the house.

We have six goat kids, and possibly one more on the way. They are growing fast, and keeping us highly amused. We have learned that kids learn to bounce around long before they learn to actually walk! Yes indeed, we are proud goat herders right now!


Angora Buck Kid

We have successfully achieved 6 goats kids this season, without any deaths or bottle feeding. We are pretty pleased with that record in our very first year. The kids are growing well, and we have learned that they definitely bounce their way around life long before they learn to walk and run in straight lines. We are proud goat herders right now!

We are milking! Yayyyyyy, our dairy girls are producing between 5-6 litres per day for us. We are now fully providing for ourselves in eggs (from the chickens, bantams and ducks) with two birds currently brooding for hatching, and milk. We have been making Cajeta (a lush Mexican caramel sauce made exclusively with goats milk), and mayonnaise. We are gathering our materials and equipment to make our initial batches of cheese and soaps.

The silkworm eggs are being brought out into room temperature so that we can now also begin our third fibre production stage, as the White Mulberry trees are coming into good leaf growth and have established nicely in the new orchard area.

The Alpaca Herd are getting ready for this year's shearing

With Corovid-19 still keeping everyone in lockdown, we wish safe passage through these strange times for all.

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