Collectible Handcrafted Artisan Bears

Eliza Berry Bear

*These bears are collectibles, and are unsuitable for anyone below the age of 14yrs

Victorian Style, Jointed, Handmade Bear.  Each Berry Bear is unique due to the creative process in which these Bears come into being.  It takes time to bearth a bear, a process which is never rushed, with so much love and care taken with each creature.

Handcrafted, knitted in 100% Cotton Chenille, and each one uniquely dressed, they are created as individual beings each with their own Bearth Certificate.

  • Hand Made in 100% Cotton Chenille
  • Jointed & Moveable Limbs
  • Traditional Growl Box OR Modern Pull Cord Music Box
  • Stylishly Dressed in Various Themes

Melody is in the process of bearthing 6 more bears, who will be completed when the relocation has settled down.  More details will follow in Spring 2020 – when Berry Bear Hibernation is coming to a seasonal end.

As they come into existence, they each develop their own personality and suggest their own naming and themes for clothing