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Whoa! Time to stop and take stock of where the year has gone.

At this time of year, we do our annual Day Dreaming Exercises.  Whilst getting on with everything else involved with Christmas, we allow our minds to wander and dream of what we would like to achieve in the year to come.  Some may argue that this constitutes wishing our lives away.  We would disagree whole heartedly.  Its a practice we have done for nigh 20 years now.

Our philosophy is that Day Dreaming is very healthy.  It helps us to picture what we would really like to achieve in our lifetime; the quality of life we aspire to; the type of people around us; the legacy we potentially leave behind for others, once we are gone.  

I recall that, in my 20’s, an aunt gifted me with a leather Filofax for Christmas.  They were just coming onto the scene as a popular YUPpy accessory (Young Urban Professional)  As I unwrapped it, she made a powerful statement.  “You are the only person I know who genuinely has a use for one of these things”.  I always had a busy life and was hard to nail down.  One friend even notified us 18 months in advance for their wedding, stating that it was to make sure we would be there.

I still have that original filofax, and I still use it today.  I have a newer one for my day to day needs, and the original is now split into very distinct project planning sections. Yes, there are apps and other technology to do this now.  I still swear by the activity of physically writing it down.  It impacts the brain with a stronger neural connection which lasts, and lasts.

So what is the purpose of telling you this aside story? Simple.

In my diary (aka Filofax; Journal; whatever it is that you choose to use), I write the list of dreams for the next year.  By the time I am writing it down, there has been lots of mental refining happening to our dream.  We’ve been working out some of the smaller deals; the things that need to be achieved in order to reach the bigger dream.  When the time comes to write it down, we have already worked out a great deal of kinks and requirements.  It has already become a list of achievements in early, intermediate and final steps to complete the overall goal.

A GOAL IS A DREAM WITH A DATE APPLIED TO IT – unable to recall who said it first.  Wise words though.

So we have our list for the coming year, and sometimes a little beyond that. The big dreams (goals) take a fair amount of smaller sections before the final completion.  These may have specific completion dates by the side, in order to plan a deadline for the overall goal.  Others, not so much.

In November or December, each year, we take great satisfaction in checking off what we achieved during the present year, alongside visualising and setting our sights on goals for the next year.  We rarely complete the list from the previous year.  We give ourselves permission to be flexible.  Some goals will identify themselves as actually having no real fruits to bear for us.  Those same goals usually serve to point us in a much better direction, so new goals replace them.  Its all part of the refining process. Then there are goals that are still in progress, so get transferred over to the following year. And so it goes on.

This year, we felt it was time to make our very long term goal a reality, the dream of moving to France for the remainder of our days.  Initially, it appeared we would be there by Christmas.  Then matters took a whole other direction out of our control.  It hasn’t changed the ultimate goal.  It simply served to show a variety of refinements to make it even better.

Yesterday we received news that there is another potential interest in our UK property for purchase (the chain fell apart below the first potential buyer).  Early days as, they too, have a property to sell before they can proceed. This is the way of the housing market, and our time to move will surely come.  In the meantime, we are keeping plenty busy with the arrangements that we can progress with, and doing our absolute best to be patient for the date to move to become clear.

This Blog is much the same.  As we build the new website and begin to operate under new branding and new services ahead of the big move, the idea of a blog came into being.  Marking the journey as much for ourselves, as potentially to provide some interesting tidbits for others to read.  Our best guess is that no-one is reading it at all for now.  However, one day, one day, it may be happened upon by fellow humans, and become a source of inspiration, occasional shared exasperation, and amusement.  Some chapters may also be an aid to sleep zzzzzZZZZZZZZZ

However you came to find this particular post, Welcome, Bienvenue.

 We greet you whilst in the throws of Brexit Crisis, a stagnant Housing Marketing, a rapid fluctuation in the Pound Sterling, yet our personal ambitions remain strong.  The sun shall surely continue to rise above the horizon each day.

For now, I’m headed back to the makeshift crafting base that I’ve put up in the back room to maintain a level of sanity and production.   Felting is the way forward for today.  I have a design in my head, and I will, I will, I will bring it into existence.  Along with a tutorial, kits, and, and, and …

Have a fun week ahead, dear reader.

Mel & Martin

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