We only use suppliers of sustainable source woods and promote reforestation

We are excited to present to you, our woodwork items. It’s thrilling to be able to offer wearable art, storage & kitchen solutions, presentation goods and sculptural, decorative items, all alongside our offerings of tools for the discerning handcraft individual.

Martin’s father was a Cabinet Maker, and Melody also grew up around a Cabinet Maker.  So we both have the scent of freshly cut wood in our heads from an early age.  The beauty of an elegantly polished finish on the wide variations natural grain and colour within a single tree, is something to behold and brings warmth to a home in an instant.

TIP: Did you know, that the use of a wooden spoon instead of a metal spoon can make a tremendous difference in your cooking success. A wooden spoon has natural warmth and protects against the shock of a metal spoon curdling the egg your mixture.

Here, there will be a gallery of things to come, plus items available to purchase in the online Shop, or when you see us at Events

All kinds of woodwork are now in creation, and will be for sale as completed:

  • Clocks
  • Art on Wood Slice
  • Jewellery Box & Presentation Box
  • Tables – Chairs – Stools – for Home & Handcrafters (Spinning & Weaving)
  • Spinning Wheels & Drop Spindles
  • Weaving Accessories
  • Pens, Pencils & Sets
  • Bowls & Vases
  • Carving Blocks, Knives, & other Kitchen Ware
  • ….. more will be added as ideas flow. Feel free to contact us if there’s something you would like us to offer.
It all starts in the cold of Winter, with a fire roaring and a treated slab of aged French Oak
……….. then it ends here, finished, treated, and ready for its permanent home