An additional speciality by Melody is Lampwork Glass Making. This is a process of glass melting using an oxygen and propane mix flame with either soft glass (otherwise known as sodalime glass) or boroscillate glass. This enables Melody to create component inclusions for precious metal jewellery incorporation, or sculptural giftware for the home.

Melody has attended learning with some of the most revered world experts in the art of lamp work, including the dearly remembered Diana East of UK, and Rashan O Jones of High Desert Flame Works in Alberquerque, since 2013.

After a break from this craft, Melody recognised that she still carried the passion for the art form and was missing the activity, so has recommenced with a range of new ideas coming through the workshop ready for pushing the business forward in new directions.

Soft Glass Jellyfish Lampworked Pendant
Soft Glass Implosion Pendant of Lampworked Jelly Fish

More information to come on this shortly, as we are now looking at a new way of going to market for you to own your lovely handcrafted pieces.

Glass Frit
Many different effects can be created both within and on the surface of lamp worked glass with smashed tiny bits known as Frit
Working in the hot oxygen propane flame

Items will shortly be available to purchase in our online shop and at local French markets or events