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Mercury in Retrograde

Apparently, according to astronomers, Venus has been in retrograde causing chaos.  As it begins to more forward again, good old Mercury, the sly silver fox, has turned retrograde to “perform a cleaning up operation”.  

Cleaning up the operation is exactly what’s been happening here.  Unfortunately we are still awaiting a buyer for the UK home.  Its a little frustrating, as we are all packed to keep the place suitable for viewing, and the workshop dismantled.  Marking time isn’t in my nature.  So I’ve set up a little art and craft table in the back study, so that I can keep something happening in the handcrafting department.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on the website, repeatedly scratching my head to resolve the shipping conundrum which has been putting off the listing of stock onto the site, to allow purchases.  


I think that, this evening, I may actually have settled the whole dilemma, so I will now start taking photographs and regularly applying listings of goodies for your Christmas shopping.

We also attended a gathering at York Weavers & Spinners Guild last weekend, helping out with a Spinning Wheel Surgery.  Martin had a particularly good time.  He lights up when he has a problem to fix for the ladies. We are looking forward to working more with Spinners and their Wheels.

Martin Berry under the close guidance of Clive Jones for the Spinning Wheel Surgery at York Spinning Guild November 2018 – ahead of the Timbertops Spinning Wheel business handover

Thank you for your patience.  We will cross fingers and hope to offer more interesting and exciting news soon.

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