Our business plan had intended to introduced dairy goats on to the farm in 2020 or later. Serendipity has other plans and we find ourselves with a Starter Herd already, less than four months after getting the keys to the house.

In October 2019, we set up our initial dairy herd in anticipation of kids and milk in March 2020

We find ourselves with a magnificent Saanen buck, with two Saanen does, and two Alpine does. This means that we will be anticipating dairy kids come spring , and plenty of milking to be done, twice per day. Winter 2019 will find us building a milking station, and also endeavouring to clear our the cave beneath the house (the entrance has been filled in by previous owners who didn’t like having a ‘cellar’). This will, hopefully, become our clean kitchen, specifically for making goats milk based products, and also preserves from our Potager (the french equivalent of an allotment).

Essentially, the original 2-5 year plan was to enhance Melody’s continued healthy lifestyle improvements. Since moving to France, her conditions have improved immensely for quality of food and lifestyle. Conversations with the new-to-us doctor brought up the benefits of transferring to goats milk instead of cow milk. Naturally, we brought that stage of plans forward when the livestock market season came upon us, just 13 weeks after moving into the farm.

Saanen Buck of 6yrs old
Shuggy The Saanen Buck will enable us to increase our herd of diary
Saanen Goat Doe
Our Starter-Kit of Saanen Dairy Goats, Elizabeth & June, will hopefully yield milk for us in Spring 2020

In 2020 we will be able to offer:

  • butter
  • probiotics inc. Kefir
  • raw & pasteurised milk
  • a range of artisan cheeses
  • skin care products
  • soap
  • goat meat
  • education options
  • supply to your restaurant, hotel, bistro
  • cheese tasting events

Buy in our online shop – in person at our farm – or at our occasional pop-up market stall

We thought this aspect would also be a few years away. However, having just had the arrival of our first Saanen Kid, here at Ferme du Berry, we will have fresh milk available to do all kinds of magical foods and beauty items. We have our license to sell to the public, so its just a matter of a little more time and preparations.

Just two hours after birthing, Momma June and kid Little Miss May have bonded well and going strong
Momma June with two hour old baby, Miss May

We will bring you information of what works, what is less than successful, and observations along the journey, in anticipation that this will help others in similar journeys or pure research value.

Saanen Doe Goats
Our two starter kits Saanen Goat Does – pinching some pasture from the neighbour!

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