Everybody loves Pens & Pencils.

Whilst looking through all the different stocks and materials we hold here, at Berry Emporium, we come across many fine pieces of timber, textiles, flora & fauna, found objects, etc., and it is fun to conjure with ideas on how to utilise them. Amongst the many ways possible, the creation of individualised pens, pencils & pen kits is a natural way forward too.

We are thrilled to offer high quality writing instruments for your creative delight, using only high end components for the actual pen or pencil mechanisms, for which there are readily available refills as standard. The aim is always to create eye-catching, reliable and tactile pens which will be a delight to use with flourish and flair. Much care and time has been invested to research the available suppliers for the components to make this possible, and we have concluded that the only way forward is to start as we mean to continue –

High Quality – Reliable – Time Enduring Style.

Once again, these items are entirely handcrafted. Once again, this means that no two will be identical purely by the nature of their original creation. They will make wonderfully agreeable, high quality gifts for that person who appreciates beauty in their life. Feel the enthusiasm to whip out your lavishly styled pen to sign that contract to the future.

When applicable, you will also be provided with the back story of a particular pen. Especially when it has developed from a found object on our travels or walks, thus highlighting further the individuality of your pen, whilst personalising its gift to you.

We will endeavour to offer personalisation on the basis of special order, where the pen will be made entirely to the specifics of the order. Please contact us to discuss the available options, and your preferred requirements for personalised service.


  • Two Choices of Twist Action Ballpoint Pen – one Contemporary & Chic whilst the other is Modern & Stylised. Both have been engineered for style & reliability, with a smooth twist mechanism. A wide range of component platings mean the variations are endless between these two styles and the handcrafted pen bodies created to compliment your personal style, and will also be greatly appreciated as a gift for any occasion. The choice for your everyday use yet still invoking that sensation of great style.
  • Classic Slimline Click Action Ballpoint Pen made to exacting standards and reliable components. For those who like the classic slimline feel of a pen as they write, this is a stunning option. In a range of finishes and platings. It looks stunning in your jacket pocket, and people will pay attention each time you use it.
  • Classically Stylised Fountain Pen in two versions: standard nib, cartridge & ink convertor or upgraded premium nib and ink converter. Also a Rollerball option. ACME threaded lid for strength and ultra smooth operation. With four stunning plating options, choices will be discussed in advance for personalised orders. A sought after option for the serious writer. Stylish and yet comfortable, this is a great opportunity to feel at ease whilst writing your next masterpiece.
  • High End, Individual or Mix & Match Gift Set Presentation: Fountain Pen – Ballpoint Pen – Roller Ball Pen – Mechanical Pencil (made to either 0.7 or 0.5mm lead which will be noted in the listing) – in a range of quality platings, stylish accents, and two-tone premium nibs of German manufacture. With ACME threaded lid with ultra smooth operation, and classical slender finish.
  • Unique Melody Unchained Customised available as specialist listings as pure OOAK opportunities to own. No time to hesitate. If you want it, buy it!

All pens take standard Parker style refills.

We look forward to providing individual listings and accompanying photographs soon.