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It all feels like the relocation to France is going so slowly at the moment.  If anyone knows someone who wants to live in semi rural Lincoln, in a good size bungalow with plenty of workshop space – please send them our way.

In the meantime, no one has time to twiddle thumbs.  Plenty of happenings in the background.  The website is continually being modified, and hopefully we have finally got the shipping algorithms sorted out so that we can begin listing products.

On the bench are some lovely items being sculpted in wool.  These are moving a little slowly too, however it is purely because the time is being utilised to write up a thorough tutorial at the same time.  Writing tutorials can feel a little overwhelming.  Mostly due to the confidence you have in what you are making, and then the uncertainty that you’ve actually given enough detail in the how to for others to replicate your actions.

Cue email to fond friend, who has no felting skills, to request that they become my tutorial & kit tester.  If they can make it from what I’ve written, then it will be considered a success! Let’s see what they say.

TTFN – Mel

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