Using a Spinning Wheel, or a Drop Spindle, is more than conservation of a traditional craft.  Whilst that aspect is extremely important for the future, there are much advantageous side benefits ……….

Did you know ???

  • It is intensely therapeutic to Mind, Body & Soul
    • incredible for mindful meditation, natural relaxation
    • uses the mind in ways which fights off symptoms of dementia
    • keeps the brain continually learning and focussed
    • strengthens and maintains hand-eye-feet co-ordination
  • It conserves rare breeds of sheep, goats, alpaca, silkworm and even vegetation etc.
  • Fibres can be made from many vegetative sources including Flax (Linen), Wild Nettles, Bamboo, Banana ….
  • All this conservation helps the planet
    • all of the above materials are bio-degradeable
    • the animals provide essential manure and fertilisation nutrients to the earth
  • The fabrics produced are not just better for the planet, they are also better for the body as they allow the skin to breath
  • The fabrics also have natural insulating thermal properties
  • Most of the fabrics can be reclaimed and repurposed when no longer desired for original wear
Taking you through the history and technique of spinning, to making your first yarn

All the above applies to Drop Spindles too – and the stick most definitely came before the wheel!

Drop Spinning with Merino

We offer workshops on how to use Drop Spindle & Spinning Wheels

We have Drop Spindles and Refurbished Spinning Wheels for sale in the Shop

From 2019 we will also offer brand new Spinning Wheels made in our own workshop at Berry Emporium with sustainable wood resources of the Haute Vienne, Limousine region of France, here in the National Parc du Limousin et Perigord

We offer wool Batts & Tops, plus many more accessories also in the Shop

We will be attending Events across UK & Europe from late 2019 onwards, plus find us at local markets in Haute-Vienne, Charente, & Dordogne, France

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