Melody R S Berry is a traditional bobbin lacemaker and designer.  She also makes lace using victorian tatting techniques, and hairpin crochet.

Her skills have been used by the National Trust in the King’s Bedroom Restoration Project undertaken at Kedleston Hall in Derbyshire, where her work appears on the curtains of the four poster bed.  She spent 13 months recreating 11.5mtrs of gold lace to replace the original 300yr old pattern, alongside just one other lace maker who happened to be Melody’s lace teacher.

Commission Project for UK National Trust, Kedleston Hall, Kings Bedroom Refurbishment – Traditional Bobbin Lace made with actual Gold Wire

With the amount of machine made lace, now available, the traditional artisan skills of lace making has much reduced in many countries. Machine production has reduced the cost of lace, making it affordable to everyone easily, and the general public have little appreciation of the time intensive process of handmade lace, and therefore no understanding of its real value for the maker.

Melody has made a series of her own traditional bobbin lace designs. This one is in the Bedfordshire style of lace and was created for the top of a Fascinator. Melody has named this pattern “Asiatic” for the Indian Temple Influence in the design.

There are, however, discerning persons who do appreciate the process, and recognise the cost of labour and skill integrated into each individual piece. High quality is produced in the handmade traditions which are also far more hardy for wear than the modern factory piece which will tear and be thrown away many decades, or even centuries, before a traditionally made piece will expire (under proper care).

Beautiful handmade lace can be incorporated into wedding dresses, ring bearer cushions, fascinators, baby layettes, christening and confirmation gowns etc., to be handed down through generations of family as a heirloom. Even today, it is a worthy investment which will hold great value if taken care of according to its needs.

Melody has several of her own unique designs now set aside in order to produce a collection of items for the high class wedding, special occasion and investment display market.

Please enquire directly if you would like more information or a specific question.

Melody’s Own Design “Asiatic” Traditional Bobbin Lace in Bedfordshire style, in progress
Melody’s Own Design “Asiatic” Traditional Bobbin Lace in Bedfordshire style
Melody’s Own Design “Asiatic” Traditional Bobbin Lace in Bedfordshire Style
Melody’s Own Design “Asiatic” Traditional Bobbin Lace Bedfordshire Style, completed apart from sewing in the ends and finishing process
Traditional Victorian Tatting is created using thread on shuttles. This was a Victorian Pattern for a Christening Bonnet
Cotton Tatted Snowflake Design, created with two shuttles
Tatted Design with fine cotton, made to mount onto a headband for a stylish tiara